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Avraham Mendall Mor


Lighting Designer


Now working in partnership with Lightswitch




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Waterford Pointe Dental Associates


Architectural Lighting Design

 Buffalo Grove, IL




Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Party


Veterans Memorial Park

Milwaukee, WI




Milwaukee Realtors Spring Show


Midwest Airlines Convention Center

Milwaukee, WI

March 2003



Techno-Tree Forest


Holiday Park Lighting

 Milwaukee, WI




Man of LaMancha


3D Scenery and Lighting Visualization



Cherry Orchard


Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival

Meritorious Achievement Award for Lighting Design

University of Kansas

Fall, 2001



Blithe Spirit


University of Kansas

Spring 2001



Lightswitch - Chicago

Avraham Mendall Mor (Avi)

115 South Drive

Tower Lakes, Illinois 60010


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