Commercial Designs
Up Harley-Davidson 100th Milwaukee Realtors Christmas Glory 2003 Commercial Designs



New Years Bash 2000

Rainbow Roller Rink, Chicago, IL

Stage hand and console programmer

B96 Summer Bash, Summer, 1999

Chicago Raceway, Chicago, IL

Show preparation and strike

98 Degrees


Ricky Martin


PriceWaterhouseCoopers Booth at Retail Systems, 1999

Chicago, IL

Hung and programmed light show for the booth



Hung moving lights and programmed lighting console


Bastille Days, Milwaukee, WI, 1999

Park and church lighting for evening festival


Midwest Express Center Grand Opening, Milwaukee, WI

Stage hand and programmer



Lightswitch - Chicago

Avraham Mendall Mor (Avi)

115 South Drive

Tower Lakes, IL 60010

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